The Artist


      Sarah always loved creating ever since she was 4 years old, but little did she know.. it'd become part of her life. Her past dreams consisted of wanting to be a teacher, news anchor woman, model, business woman, digital marketer, and final decision; a full time artist. Sarah realized that a marketing career wasn't in her best interest after earning her certificate at Arizona State University. On a positive note, she applied the skills taught from class to further her art career. Sarah worked on painting almost everyday; bettering her skills and completed commissions from her family and friends. 

      Fortunately, yes fortunately, she felt drained everyday working jobs that barely stimulate her brain enough to use her artistic ability. While working, her conscious was somewhere else. She thought about creative ideas she could work on and wrote down every idea on small sheets of paper to review at home. Sarah put those ideas to work and came to life! 
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